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Unique time-release technology for supplements.

Completely new possibilities through Time-Release

SMARTBEADS products offer a number of novel properties.

Over 80% active ingredient content

Dosed many times higher than similar technologies, which are usually in the range of 20-40%.

8h supply of active ingredients

Efficient absorption of the active ingredient through controlled release over a long period of time.


Free of chemicals and additives such as Titanium dioxide. Natural dyes. Vegan and free from allergens.

Differences due to
Time Release

Study-based development with a proven impact.

Controlled release

The dissolution profile of the active ingredient can be controlled very precise. You can release an active ingredient over a long period of time evenly, at intervals, or several active ingredients can be released at different time intervals (intervals up to max. 8h).

More efficient recording

Due to the controlled release of the active ingredient, the body has more time to absorb the active ingredient. This reduces the total required dose of the active ingredient, so that even small amounts of active ingredient can be optimally absorbed by the body.

400% higher dosed

Smartbeads technology relies on a large quantity of the active substance that is covered by a semipermeable membrane. Compared to other products on on the market, the proportion of active ingredients is up to 400% more (80%).

Broad field of application

The Smartbeads technology is available with a wide range of compatible raw materials. So you can use even difficult or previously impossible raw materials such as L-carnitine, creatine and many more. All released through an individual resolution profile.


The Smartbeads technology can be implemented without any chemicals. Smartbeads products are also free from genetic engineering, gluten, lactose, additives like titanium dioxide, and only use natural dyes.

25 years of experience

With over 25 years of experience in the field of time teleased pellets our team belongs is one of the most exprienced in the industry. Our team will help you coordinate your Product.

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