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The technology

Innovative technology combined with proven raw materials.
SMARTBEADS® is the brand name of our unique time-release pellets - tried and tested ingredients combined with an innovative technology that enables the efficiency of nutritional supplements from the most popular areas of application to be increased many times over. Time-release supplements are already considered to be the next evolutionary stage in dietary supplements and are enjoying enormous demand.
The development of Smartbeads technology is based on studies by specialists with over 25 years of experience in the field of time-released supplements.

Semipermeable membrane

The active ingredients at the core of SMARTBEADS® are coated by a semi-permeable membrane in a special process in our contract manufacturing facility using the so-called "protective coating" process. This process allows the semipermeable membrane to be applied very thinly, which enables an active ingredient content of over 80%. The dissolution rate of the membrane is determined by the nature of the outer membrane. The dissolution rate is determined by the nature of the outer membrane and the dissolution profile protects the active ingredient from uncontrolled physiological and chemical degradation >sup>4. In our contract manufacturing, we can control the composition of this membrane very precisely.3


Goyal, S. et al.: Oral Sustained Release Tablets: An Overview with a Special Emphasis on Matrix Tablet. American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery. 2017.


After ingestion, pores are formed due to the dissolution of parts of the membrane, which allow liquid to enter the core and thus dissolve the active ingredient and diffuse the dissolved active ingredient out of the system1. This nature of the outer membrane allows a controlled release of the active ingredient in the core.2 The dissolution profiles are adapted and selected by the internal product development department according to the requirements profile of the active ingredients. A "time-released coating", i.e. a delayed dissolution of the active ingredient of up to 8 hours, is possible.


1. Madhusudhan, R.A et al.: International Journal of Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical Research Vol-5(2). 2017, p. 386-388.

2. Siepmann, Jürgen et al.: Fundamentals and Applications of Controlled Release Drug Delivery. Springer-US, 2012.

Details about the technology

No, our Smartbeads are free of magnesium stearate.
We can offer Smartbeads either as encapsulated end products or as bulk pellets, which can then be incorporated into powder formulations, for example.
Our standard recipes are predominantly based on natural colorants. For individual formulations, you, the customer, can decide. Of course, the choice of natural colorants requires separate feasibility tests.
If desired, we can use only vegan ingredients (if available) and encapsulate the customized Smartbeads formulation in vegan HPMC capsules.
Smartbeads can be produced as 2, 4 and 6-8 hour time release (delayed release). Smartbeads can also be designed as multi-releases (active ingredient A: release over 2 hours, then active ingredient B: release over 2 hours, etc.).
When selecting raw materials, our development department always pays attention to highest quality and maximum safety (based on raw material analyses with regard to heavy metals and microbiology).
The analyses of our Smartbeads are performed exclusively by independent and accredited laboratories in Germany.